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new phlog entry about ssnail

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diff --git a/src/phlog/20200702-1832.txt b/src/phlog/20200702-1832.txt @@ -0,0 +1,45 @@ +------------------------------------------------------------------------ +2020-07-02 16:33:03 UTC +------------------------------------------------------------------------ + +So I've written an static site generator. + +Yes, yes I know. That's what everybody does, it's boring and not +original at all. But I'm boring and not original at all, so it's ok ! + +I did it in C. Why ?!, you ask with a mix of fear and disgust. Well, +two main reasons. First, I kind of always liked C (although I have +little knowledge of programming in general and C in particular). And +second, since I joined the OpenBSD team I've been wanting to dive a bit +deeper in the source code of the system (not just ports) and maybe one +day help in that area too. That and also I'm a bit masochist xD + +Previously my small website was generated by the excellent [ssg +script][1] by Roman Zolotarev combined with a simple makefile. And that +was all I needed. The makefile also published things on my gopherhole. + +So I basically designed the static site generator to have the same +functionalities (well, not the gopherhole, that is just handled with an +rsync). + +Now a git hook calls the generator program (and the rsync for gopher), +and all is good again. + +If you want to take a peek, I published it [here][2]. The horrors +you'll see there may make you cry. I decline all responsibility xD + +Keep in mind that this is my first program in C (well, the first one +longer than 50 lines and with more than one function), also keep in mind +that I'm no developer. I'm used to create ugly glue stuff in various +languages to serve my purposes, but this is my first command line tool +that does something useful (kind of). + +As usual, patches are welcome at <patches@e1e0.net> and comments at +<commens@e1e0.net> + +:wq + +------------------------------------------------------------------------ + +[1]: https://www.romanzolotarev.com/ssg.html +[2]: https://git.e1e0.net/ssnail/file/README.html diff --git a/src/phlog/gophermap b/src/phlog/gophermap @@ -1,5 +1,6 @@ o--o-- ----------------------------------------------------- log -- o -- +0(2020-07-02) Static site generator. /phlog/20200702-1832.txt e1e0.net 70 0(2020-02-18) Invited to the club. /phlog/20200218-1805.txt e1e0.net 70 0(2019-12-13) On domain migrations. /phlog/20191213-1407.txt e1e0.net 70 0(2019-08-23) On VCSs. /phlog/20190823-1623.txt e1e0.net 70 @@ -29,5 +30,5 @@ or look in the 'Contact' section 0Contact /contact.txt e1e0.net 70 o- o -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- o -- -Last updated: Tue, 18 Feb 2020 17:40:00 +0000 +Last updated: Thu, 02 Jul 2020 16:55:17 +0000 o- o -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- o --