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      2 2020-07-02 16:33:03 UTC
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      5 So I've written an static site generator.
      7 Yes, yes I know.  That's what everybody does, it's boring and not
      8 original at all.  But I'm boring and not original at all, so it's ok !
     10 I did it in C.  Why ?!, you ask with a mix of fear and disgust.  Well,
     11 two main reasons.  First, I kind of always liked C (although I have
     12 little knowledge of programming in general and C in particular).  And
     13 second, since I joined the OpenBSD team I've been wanting to dive a bit
     14 deeper in the source code of the system (not just ports) and maybe one
     15 day help in that area too.  That and also I'm a bit masochist xD
     17 Previously my small website was generated by the excellent [ssg
     18 script][1] by Roman Zolotarev combined with a simple makefile.  And that
     19 was all I needed.  The makefile also published things on my gopherhole.
     21 So I basically designed the static site generator to have the same
     22 functionalities (well, not the gopherhole, that is just handled with an
     23 rsync).
     25 Now a git hook calls the generator program (and the rsync for gopher),
     26 and all is good again.
     28 If you want to take a peek, I published it [here][2].  The horrors
     29 you'll see there may make you cry.  I decline all responsibility xD
     31 Keep in mind that this is my first program in C (well, the first one
     32 longer than 50 lines and with more than one function), also keep in mind
     33 that I'm no developer.  I'm used to create ugly glue stuff in various
     34 languages to serve my purposes, but this is my first command line tool
     35 that does something useful (kind of).
     37 As usual, patches are welcome at <patches@e1e0.net> and comments at
     38 <commens@e1e0.net>
     40 :wq
     42 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
     44 [1]: https://www.romanzolotarev.com/ssg.html
     45 [2]: https://git.e1e0.net/ssnail/file/README.html