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      1 PartsDB is a simple, "it works for me™" solution for electronics parts
      2 inventory.
      4 I created it in anger after I had problems with Partkeepr for the
      5 gazillionth time.
      7 It's a nasty Python3 CLI tool (no, seriously, it's terrible) that
      8 accesses an sqlite3 database.
     10 Features:
     12 * It does what I need, and no more:
     13   * add/delete parts
     14   * list parts from a category
     15   * search parts (really basic)
     16   * modify stock
     17 * All is stored on a sqlite3 file.
     18 * The `add` function calls Octopart to get all the data, so I don't have
     19   to type like a monkey.
     20 * There's a `get` command that shows all the details of a part, and can
     21   call your pdf viewer to open the datasheet if there is one.
     22 * It can export the whole inventory to HTML.  Here's mine, for instance:
     26 If you want to use it, you'll need an Octopart API key.  Then put it on
     27 the environment with the name `OCTOPART_TOKEN`.
     29 I couldn't bother to create a man page.  Take a look at `--help`.
     31 This is now a more or less complete Python distribution package.  I did not
     32 upload to pypi, but you can now install it via `python install`.
     34 You'll have to create the database first.  There's a `schema.sql` file in the
     35 repo.  There's also a `base_data.sql` file with the categories and storage
     36 units that I use which is probably totally useless for anybody else.