Subsonic ncurses client
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      1 # subclient
      3 `subclient` is a minimal player for subsonic compatible servers.
      4 It's just really glue code between the subsonic API and the `mpv` player, which
      5 uses in the background, presented with an spartan ncurses interface.
      7 The whole program is a bit rough around the edges, and the functionality is
      8 pretty minimal, but it's functional and I plan to expand it a bit to cover all
      9 my needs.
     11 ## Installation
     12 I haven't yet published it to pypi, so to install:
     14 * clone this repo
     15 * install from local:
     16   `pip install --user .`
     18 This installs a executable called `subclient` you can call from your terminal.
     19 This assumes you have the path pip puts the executables in in your `$PATH`.
     20 For OpenBSD and Linux, this is usually `~/.local/bin`, for Mac
     21 `~/Library/Python/<PythonVersion>/bin`.  If you're a Windows user, I'm truly
     22 sorry about that and you have my sincere condolences, but I guess nowadays it
     23 should work somehow with the WSL thingy.
     25 ## Configuration
     26 `subclient` expects to find a config file on `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/subclient.ini`
     27 or if `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME` is not defined, on `~/.config/subclient.ini`.
     29 The config file looks like this:
     31 ```
     32 [subclient]
     33 url = https://my.subsonic.server.tld
     34 username = myuser
     35 password = mypassword
     36 ```
     38 All config items are mandatory.
     40 ## Usage
     41 On start you'll be presented with a list of artists that `subclient` gets from
     42 the subsonic server.
     44 You can then navigate the list with `j` for down and `k` for up.  `l`
     45 _"enters"_ the next category (albums) from the selected artist, and `h`
     46 _"exits"_ back to the artists list.  When you're on the albums list `l` enters
     47 the songs list, so you have 3 levels artists/albums/songs you can navigate.
     49 With `f` and `b` you can go a page forwards/backwards on a given list.
     51 `enter` starts playing at the song position until the end of the current list.
     52 This only works from the songs view for now. `space` pauses/resumes playback.
     53 `n` plays the next song on the list, and `p` the previous one.
     55 There is no support to play, create or remove playlists for the moment.  But
     56 I plan to implement that functionality.
     58 `q` quits the program.
     60 You'll find a somewhat useful window at the bottom with information of the
     61 current song being played.
     63 ## License
     64 Check the LICENSE file, but basically this is published under the ISC license.