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README (1097B)

      1 What is this ?
      2 "ssnail" is a crappy and opinionated static website generator.
      4 What ? ssnail ?
      5 Well, naming is hard.  I thought it would be slow for some stupid reason
      6 (spoiler, is not).  So I used a name generator, started smashing the
      7 "generate" button until "Silver Snail" came out and I thought "meh, good
      8 enough".
     10 Ok, and how is it like ?
     11 It's written in C just for the fun of it (yes, the fun, what !?).  Also,
     12 it's far from finished, but it's enough for me.  It converts every
     13 Markdown file to HTML, copies everything else recursively and generates
     14 an index and RSS if needed.
     15 It's pretty fast despite my best efforts, 150ms for my small site.
     17 What about the code ?
     18 Distributed under the ISC license.  See LICENSE or the header of each
     19 file.  Oh! one more thing, if you look at the code, you have to know
     20 that what has been seen cannot be unseen ...  You have been warned.
     21 You probably don't want to use this.  It's pretty focused on my needs.
     23 Read the man page for more information.
     25 Thanks to tracey@ for the help and ideas (and for not running away in
     26 fear when I sent him the code).