Crude and unpolished clock for Raspberry Pi
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      1 Crude and unpolished clock for Raspberry Pi.
      2 It uses a 16x2 LCD display.
      4 Requires wiringPi library and enable I2C on the Pi.
      6 It displays time in this format:
      8  10:32:23 GMT+2
      9 Sat, Aug  1 2020
     11 It can read a tag (7 bytes) from an arbitrary file do display in the
     12 place of the TimeZone.
     13 This can be used, for instance, to display temperature updated by
     14 another process.
     16 By default it turns off the back light at midnight and turns it back on
     17 at 7am.  This can be configured on the command line, but the
     18 implementation is a bit crude.
     20 All the CAD design is still provisional.  At this point I have it all
     21 hand soldered and with just one button, but all can be used as a base to
     22 build a custom setup.