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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ inventory. I created it in anger after I had problems with Partkeepr for the gazillionth time. -It's a nasty Python3 cli tool (no, seriously, it's terrible) that +It's a nasty Python3 CLI tool (no, seriously, it's terrible) that accesses an sqlite3 database. Features: @@ -18,12 +18,19 @@ Features: * The `add` function calls Octopart to get all the data, so I don't have to type like a monkey. * There's a `get` command that shows all the details of a part, and can - call yout pdf viewer to open the datasheet if there is one. + call your pdf viewer to open the datasheet if there is one. * It can export the whole inventory to HTML. Here's mine, for instance: If you want to use it, you'll need an Octopart API key. Then put it on -the environemnt with the name `OCTOPART_TOKEN`. +the environment with the name `OCTOPART_TOKEN`. I couldn't bother to create a man page. Take a look at `--help`. + +This is now a more or less complete Python distribution package. I did not +upload to pypi, but you can now install it via `python install`. + +You'll have to create the database first. There's a `schema.sql` file in the +repo. There's also a `base_data.sql` file with the categories and storage +units that I use which is probably totally useless for anybody else.