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diff --git a/documentation/QUICK-INSTALL b/documentation/QUICK-INSTALL @@ -1,106 +1,3 @@ -PartKeepr Quick Installation Guide -================================ +If you're a regular user and have downloaded a release archive or nightly build, please point your browser to setup/ -BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! -BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! -BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! BIG FAT WARNING! - -The project is in a pre-alpha state. It's more a sketch or a draft than a -working product. Most of the documentation is missing, same goes for unit tests -and code coverage. - - - -Prerequisites: ------------- -* PHP 5.3 or higher -* PDO -* SOAP -* Tokenizer Support -* A working PEAR installation - -Get the git submodules ----------------------- - -git submodule update - - -Install the required PEAR packages: ------------------------------------ - -pear config-set auto_discover 1 -pear channel-discover -pear install phpunit/PHPUnit -pear channel-discover -pear install phing/phing - -pear install -pear install - - -Install the (not yet) optional PEAR packages: ---------------------------------------------- - -NOTE: THESE PACKAGES ARE REQUIRED IN THE CURRENT BUILDS! INSTALL THEM! - -//These packages are required if you wish to build the test suite. I know, -//it's quite a big list, but they are required for development. If you -//only wish to use the product, you can safely skip them. - -pear channel-discover -pear install phpunit/phpcpd -pear channel-discover -pear channel-discover -pear install --alldeps phpmd/PHP_PMD-alpha -pear install PhpDocumentor - - -Install optional binaries: --------------------------- -If you wish to build the complete test suite, you need additional software: - -jslint from - - -Verify if everything is setup correctly: ----------------------------------------- -cd <installation path> -phing test-setup - - -Install the database and test data ----------------------------------- - -Create a database on your database server. Right now, we support MySQL (preferred) and PostgreSQL (minor problems). -You can also try SQLite3, Oracle and MSSQL - but it's not guaranteed that it works. - -Setup the database using the SetupDatabase.php script in the "testing" folder. The SetupDatabase.php script has a help, -you can see it by using php testing/SetupDatabase.php --help - -Command line is important because you need to enter "YES" to confirm -the operation. - - -Building the frontend ---------------------- - -Type: - -phing build - -Then wait a minute or so, after everything is completed successfully -(remember that 777 on the whole project might be a good idea until the final -path layout has been stabilized). - -You can then fire up your browser and point it to the frontend/ directory. Note -that you need chrome/chromium with console.log support OR Firefox with the -firebug extension. Otherwise, your browser complains about the missing -console.log function. These console.log statements are necessary for debugging -and development. - -If you make changes to any file in the src/frontend/ directory, you need to -re-build the project. To speed up things, you can use "phing build.quick" to -skip most files you usually don't change - everything in 3rdparty and -the huge image directories. - - +If you're a developer or using the git repository, please read the developer installation guides in documentation/developer/+ \ No newline at end of file