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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,5 +1,25 @@ # Changelog +## PartKeepr 1.1.0 + +New Features: + +* [Thumbnail Browse Mode]( Allows the user to browse parts by their images +* [Fulltext Search Configuration]( Allows the administrator to specify the fields to be searched when using the search field within the parts manager +* [Required Fields configuration]( It is now possible to configure the required fields for parts, part manufacturers and part distributors as well to enforce a certain minimum amount of distributors, manufacturers and attachments. +* [Display of active filters for a grid]( Active filters for a grid are now displayed at the bottom of each grid, with the possibility to remove certain filters. This makes it more transparent if a grid is filtered and by which values. Additionally, filters can be removed manually. +* [Barcode Scanner Configuration]( It is now possible to configure a barcode scanner and to perform actions based on barcode scanner input. +* Added a filter to filter by the Internal Part ID [#645]( + +Bugfixes: +* Project names are now properly recorded when removing parts by the project report view [#686]( +* Part stock levels are retained when removing parts using the project reports [#685]( +* Parts are now saved properly when ticking the "Needs Review" checkbox [#693]( +* "Don't ask again" Dialogs now properly remember the setting [#698]( +* German umlauts are now properly displayed in the part details view [#674]( + +For a mostly complete list of bugfixes, please refer to [GitHub]( + ## PartKeepr 1.0.0 This is the PartKeepr 1.0.0 release. Bugfixes for this version: