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Updated the installation instructions

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diff --git a/documentation/QUICK-INSTALL b/documentation/QUICK-INSTALL @@ -65,18 +65,16 @@ phing test-setup Install the database and test data ---------------------------------- -Create the user partkeepr, password partkeepr with access to the partkeepr database -in mysql (e.g. with phpmyadmin). +Create a database on your database server. Right now, we support MySQL (preferred) and PostgreSQL (minor problems). +You can also try SQLite3, Oracle and MSSQL - but it's not guaranteed that it works. + +Setup the database using the SetupDatabase.php script in the "testing" folder. The SetupDatabase.php script has a help, +you can see it by using php testing/SetupDatabase.php --help -Then execute the file testing/SetupDatabase.php from the command line. Command line is important because you need to enter "YES" to confirm the operation. -Username/Password is test/test, but right now the system automatically logs -you in (makes development easier). - - Building the frontend ---------------------