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20191213-1407.txt (1359B)

      1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      2  2019-12-13 14:07:57 UTC
      3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      5 Domain migration.
      7 I've had onna.be registered for more than 14 years and been using it as
      8 my main domain since then.  The history behind the name and the
      9 extension (I have literally nothing to do with Belgium) is funny but
     10 kind of private, so you'll never know :-P
     12 Thing is that in the last years I thought about a new domain more than
     13 once, but I'm really really bad at naming so I never came up with
     14 anything I truly like.
     16 And then, last year I thought maybe I could hash some strings that mean
     17 something to me ... and if I like the result ...  And here it is:
     18 e1e0.net
     20 After using it just as a domain for my machines and little else,
     21 I decided is time to give the old onna.be some rest and make e1e0.net my
     22 main domain for web, gopher, email and all.
     24 I'll keep onna.be of course, but all things facing the internets will
     25 start pointing to e1e0.net now.
     27 I also updated my gpg key with the new uid and propagated the changes to
     28 the key servers.
     30 The change will probably cause no problems, as nobody reads this nor the
     31 website and the email change is well handled.  But I thought to put it
     32 somewhere.
     34 :wq
     36 ------------------------------------------------------------------------