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      2  2019-08-18 17:37:25 UTC
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      5 On my summer vacation I went camping with my wife.  We discovered a
      6 beautiful valley we did not know on the Pyrenees mountains, and we
      7 agreed to come back in the winter, to see it transformed.  Spending 12
      8 days there, in a tent in the middle of the woods is been refreshing and
      9 it charged me up.
     11 Those last few days, back at home, I've been geeking around.  Working on
     12 a couple of OpenBSD port updates that I hope to see commited and playing
     13 a bit with the DMARC[1] setup for my main domain 'e1e0.net'.
     15 That last made me realize what a mess the whole email ecosystem is right
     16 now ... And I say this with deep sadness.  I love email.  I always have.
     17 There's something beautiful in it's simple design and it's inherent
     18 freedom (decentralization is called these days).  But the current
     19 state of it, with the lost battle against spam, and all the partially
     20 adopted protocols on top of it makes it fragile and far from attractive
     21 to self-host.  I do not self-host my email since some years ago, as
     22 it's too much of a hassle having to watch your ip reputation, deal
     23 with stupid black lists where is super difficult to get removed from
     24 and other headaches.  It seems curious to me that the easiest part is
     25 building and configuring the services themselves ...
     27 I prefer to pay for that service (it's cheap anyway) and be a bit
     28 happier.
     30 And then, there's the mailing lists.  Don't get me started with that.
     31 Some do the right thing, some at least try and some are terrible.
     33 By the way, recently ben@~team changed the behaviour of the tildeverse
     34 lists and now the forwarded messages pass dkim if you have it
     35 configured, so kudos to him ;-)
     37 Wow, now that I re-read this ... I'm just wandering ! hehehe.  But
     38 anyway, this is nothing formal, just a phlog, so it's ok.
     40 Anyway, as I was saying ... those last few days I've been geeking here
     41 and there.  From time to time I took a walk or watched a tv show or a
     42 movie to rest a bit (specially my back and my aging eyes).
     44 I have to admit I've watched 2 of the worst movies I've ever seen.  One
     45 of them, the last Avengers shit (sorry, you cannot call that a movie).
     46 I have watched almost all super-hero movies over the years because,
     47 hey!  I like science fiction and fantasy.  But the quality (cannot find
     48 a better word) of them has been decreasing to the level of insult to the
     49 viewer.  And after that, there's the new Godzilla film ... What a piece
     50 of smelly poo.  I hear you "how the hell do you watch that !!", it has
     51 an explanation.  First, think that the whole point was taking a break
     52 from active geekery.  Second, from time to time I just watch movies from
     53 actors and actresses I like.  That gives you nice surprises sometimes,
     54 but with this last one it made me reconsider that strategy.  In fact it
     55 made me think in taking my eyes off and block my ears ...
     57 I'm already trying to forget I watched it and I won't put it in the list
     58 of movies of 11.  To me it does not exist, it will be the best.
     60 And well, I think that's it for today.  Tomorrow work starts again and
     61 geek stuff will drop a bit (but just a bit hehehe).
     63 :wq
     65 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
     67 [1]: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7489