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      2 2019-05-07 17:32:26 UTC
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      5 After the  _ups_ moment  that Firefox  had the other  day, I  decided to
      6 write a  bit about [staying away  from the browser][1] and  what tools I
      7 usually use  to achieve that  most of the time.  Most of the  time means
      8 while not at work thanks to my _dear friend_ slack ...
     10 The  browser has  become the  bigger threat  on our  desktops, both  for
     11 privacy and security reasons. And there are alternatives for most of the
     12 tasks we do on it.
     14 Is not that I hate the web,  but it has been abused and perverted beyond
     15 measure. These  days a  browser is  almost a  complete OS  for a  lot of
     16 people, and that comes with a price.
     18 Also, executing code sent by  whatever random site you're visiting never
     19 seemed like a super good idea to me.
     21 One could argue that trust unknown code  is what we do all day, and they
     22 will be right. But  the subtle difference is that you  put your trust in
     23 that  software developers  and your  OS developers  (a discrete  set of,
     24 usually quite smart, people) and not  on whatever comes through the wire
     25 (that even with the best of intentions could be compromised).
     27 In the end this seems a bit of  a rant about JavaScript and the state of
     28 the modern  web. It was not  supposed to be  that, but what can  one do.
     29 Maybe I'm just getting old, :-P
     31 :wq
     33 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
     35 [1]: gopher://e1e0.net/0/browser-dependency.md.txt