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      2   30-Mar-2019, 21:51 (CET)
      3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      5 So, [tomasino][1] added me to his phlogroll at gopher.black. And knowing
      6 that he has some  audience on port 70, it automatically  made me want to
      7 write something. Too much pressure tomasino !! :-P
      9 I guess I'll write about what I've been doing, and what comes next.
     11 I completed the basic version of the MIDI controller, and wrote about it
     12 [here][2].  I did  not have  much  time to  play  with it  (not that  it
     13 matters, my "music" is nothing  really worth listening anyway hehe). The
     14 photos I like to publish about  the 3d printed case and the construction
     15 are still not there ... Laziness always wins.
     17 I also  had the  idea of  writing some docs  about GnuPG  for beginners,
     18 something  to  encourage the  not-so-technical  users  on the  different
     19 tildes to use mail encryption.
     21 So far I only have a rough idea of  what I want to do. I'll be asking on
     22 the mailing  lists and other  places about what  do folks use  to handle
     23 their email. I've been a happy mutt user for so long that I don't really
     24 know what other people use.
     26 All this  is because I think  that, to be somehow  effective, those docs
     27 should  include up  to date  examples  of mail  agent configuration,  so
     28 people with no special knowledge can configure and use it.
     30 And well,  at work I've  been really busy migrating  kubernetes clusters
     31 and introducing [linkerd][3] to the mix. Nothing really exciting or fun,
     32 but way better than what 99.9% of the population of the world have to do
     33 for a living, so I can't complain. Not a tiny bit.
     35 And that's all for now.
     37 ----
     38 [1]: gopher://gopher.black
     39 [2]: gopher://e1e0.net/0/teensy-midi-controller.md.txt
     40 [3]: https://linkerd.io
     42 ------------------------------------------------------------------------