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      2   14-Feb-2019, 08:08 (UTC)
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      5 So, long time without writing here. That was expected, I've never been a
      6 blogger, phlogger or whatever of any kind.
      8 I just want to keep here for the record that I'm now working on a MIDI
      9 controller. It is based on a Teensy LC[1]. Usually I use Atmel micros,
     10 but this one can be used as any kind of USB device, from the typical
     11 serial interface to a ray HID, MIDI, and a lot more. Also this is a
     12 32bit micro running at 48Mhz so there's a lot that can be done with it.
     13 It is not cheap though (at least compared to the Atmel 8bit family).
     15 All this comes because I discovered VCV Rack[2]. This is an open source
     16 software modular synthesizer. It is simply fantastic. There's lots of
     17 modules and is really easy to get started.
     19 It's been some time since I wanted to get into synthesis, modular
     20 synthesis in particular, as I think is really fun to play with and the
     21 possibilities to build DIY modules and other stuff is great, and that
     22 combines perfectly with my electronics hobby.
     24 I would like to get into RF too some day ... but I live in the worst
     25 place for radio reception ever, so that will have to wait. I'll be
     26 playing with sound signals for a while ;-)
     28 For now, I have some button matrix working and an array of
     29 potentiometers. I plan to build a hardware sequencer and some multi
     30 function controllers on the MIDI board that I can use in conjunction
     31 with VCV Rack.
     33 If that works as I want, I'm already thinking in a lot of features to
     34 add to it ... and also, start building my own modules and combine them
     35 with the software stuff ... Possibilities are endless.
     37 That's all for now. My idea is write something when I have something that
     38 can be shown.
     40 Over and out.
     42 -----
     43 [1] https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/teensyLC.html
     44 [2] https://vcvrack.com/
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