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      2   15-Jan-2019, 15:19 (UTC)
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      5 So it's been a week with the new keyboard.
      6 I've started to feel more and more comfortable with it and the error
      7 rate is dropping steadily.
      9 The amount of tweaking and layout version has also dropped, in face it's
     10 been 3 days without any change. My layout at the moment is this[1].
     12 On another note, I've been installing a tinyfab cpu[2] on my Cetus 3D
     13 printer. Just finished the whole thing yesterday afternoon, and now I'm
     14 testing first prints.
     16 Results are quite good ! I think there's still a bit of room for
     17 improvement, but it prints close (or maybe just exactly the same)
     18 quality as with the stock cpu+uptime slicer.
     20 The big big difference is that now I'm using free software for the
     21 controller[3] and I can use any slicer I want, and the machine speaks
     22 gcode, as 99% of the cnc machines of the world. Also I have a lot more
     23 control over the whole process, well all the control that the slicer I
     24 choose provides. For now I've only tried Slic3r. I may try Cura in the
     25 future.
     27 I'm collecting notes to write a more in depth article about the whole
     28 process, as I found the instructions at tinyfab website are ... not so
     29 good so to speak.
     31 It's all for today, I guess.
     33 ----
     34 [1] - https://configure.ergodox-ez.com/layouts/XOXM/latest/0
     35 [2] - https://www.tinyfab.xyz/
     36 [3] - https://smoothieware.org/
     38 ------------------------------------------------------------------------