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      2   23-Nov-2018, 19:14 (UTC)
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      5 Busy days, busy days ...
      7 Lots of stuff at work, basically related to kubernetes and fighting
      8 ingress configuration. I think is the weakest point on this container
      9 orquestration software.
     11 On the personal side, I think I don't advance so much in my touch
     12 typing, althoug it helps quite a bit with the finger pain and I'm maybe
     13 a little bit more confortable with it. For sure it's worth to continue
     14 with the "experiment".
     16 On the geek side (the good side !!), I did something I had in my todo
     17 list for long time. I have a smal laser engraver (2500mW), the kind one
     18 can easily find on ebay or china. The quality of the thing is not the
     19 best in some areas, for instance, the system is based on some acrylic
     20 plates with ball bearings that "ride" on aluminum extrusions. The
     21 problem is that they just put metal against metal and also the
     22 tolerances are a little bit loose. Months ago I bought a set of ball
     23 bearings with a plastic wheel around them in order to replace them. They
     24 are slightly bigger in diameter and my idea was tighten the tolerances
     25 and remove the annoying metal to metal contact.
     27 I succeeded in that, but the rails are now a little bit too tight. So
     28 tight in fact that the Y axis (wich drives 2 carriages with one stepper
     29 motor) was unable to move the gantry. So CAD/3D printing to the resque.
     30 I cloned the acrylic plates with just a bit more distance between the
     31 screws that support the bearings, so now it goes smoothly, more quiet
     32 and with virtually no play !
     34 From that I get a couple more ideas about things I wanted to do ... so
     35 the small Cetus3D is pretty busy these days !
     37 I may put a couple of photos and write something about the process I
     38 follow for this. I'm not an expert on mechanical design (not by a long
     39 shot), but it fascinates me.
     41 Of course I try to use free software as much as possible. I think the
     42 only  piece that's not free is the slicer, as Tiertime (the company that
     43 produces the Cetus3D) is kind of special and don't use Gcode as the
     44 rest.
     46 That's good when you're starting, as the thing just works. You send it a
     47 model and you get a part with a pretty good quality. But when you want
     48 to do more advanced or peculiar stuff, it falls short. One of my todo
     49 list projects involves modifying the printer to work with regular
     50 firmware (like marlin for instance) and be able to use gcode and play
     51 with the traditional slicers.
     53 Now I'll have a big beer and read some rss feeds. Geek weekend ahead !
     55 ------------------------------------------------------------------------