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      2   18-Nov-2018, 22:12 (UTC)
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      5 I've finally set up one raspberry to check on one of the UPSs.
      6 Docs are not the best for nut[1] and all the articles on the internet
      7 are either old or wrong. I've taken some notes and will probably write
      8 something about it this week.
     10 I've managed to set up my wife's synology to take data from the pi, so
     11 it will shut down properly in the event of a power outage.
     13 The idea is to do the same on the other UPS and connect the router and
     14 the NAS to it. Almost done !
     16 On another note, I think I may have found some dependency issue on
     17 devel/git port for OpenBSD. I've sent the silliest of diffs to ports@
     18 I'm not sure it's a problem really, so they may not answer my emails
     19 anymore (and I can't blame them hehehe), between that and the facepalm
     20 moment some weeks ago when I sent the package instead of the port for
     21 the new addition I was trying to make on solderpunk's VF-1[2] ...
     23 On my Mr. Robot episode today, what a surprise, Alf ! it made me smile,
     24 really ! I like this show, it's entertaining and keeps the right amount
     25 of tension, black humor, references ...
     27 What did not make me laugh, in fact made me quite angry was Apple and
     28 their friking "big brother" way of things. You buy them stuff and you
     29 don't own it, same goes for Google/Android on my phone. I'm seriously
     30 thinking in not buying any other smartphone when this one crashes. And
     31 in this regard Apple is to me what windows was in the 90s, I'm givnig
     32 support (to my wife in this case) as I did to friends and family back
     33 then ... for a thign you've paid and all the problems come from the
     34 walled garden, the lack of freedom and the obscure closed environment
     35 ... I'm sick of these companies.
     37 Not talking about privacy (there's none, and you should treat those
     38 devices as compromised at all times), I'm talking about how they laugh
     39 at your fucking face, owning your device and treating you like a 3 year
     40 old ...
     42 grrrr, did not want this to be a rant, but is kind of one ... Anyway.
     44 It's getting late, and it's rainig again. Going to sleep with the sound
     45 of rain does not sound like a bad plan :-)
     47 -----
     48 [1] https://networkupstools.org
     49 [2] https://github.com/solderpunk/VF-1
     51 ------------------------------------------------------------------------