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20181117-1934_entry.txt (1251B)

      1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      2   17-Nov-2018, 19:34 (UTC)
      3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      5 Rainy day, but kind of productive in a way.
      6 I was just messing around on IRC after watching my Mr.Robot episode
      7 (yes, I haven't seen it until now, I'm not at season 2) when I thought,
      8 well I published a small perl module to wrap around Rargb torrentapi
      9 some time ago ... I could make an OpenBSD port of that !
     11 So, I take a look and some things had to be fixed first, which means
     12 releasing a new version of the module. I thought, well let's do it and
     13 then I'll create the port. It turns out I needed some modules not
     14 available as ports/packages, so I ended up making 2 ports for 2
     15 different perl modules. Maybe that would be useful to somebody. I just
     16 submitted them to ports@ let's see what people over there think.
     18 Once that is done (and cpan mirror servers get the copy of my new
     19 version) I'll be able to continue with my original idea.
     21 Tomorrow I'll try to work on the raspberry/UPS stuff maybe. And
     22 definitely do some exercise ... I've been not working out lately and I'm
     23 starting to feel it :-/
     25 ------------------------------------------------------------------------