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20181116-2245_entry.txt (2181B)

      1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      2   16-Nov-2018, 22:45 (UTC)
      3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      5 So, there goes the (work) week. Today the log goes in reverse, first
      6 work.
      7 I finally set up the ldap server the way I wanted it, with SSH keys and
      8 all. Configuring the clients I need is an easy task. It can be done on
      9 monday before the second coffee ...
     11 Also I've been fighting with prometheus. We have it working on Google
     12 Kubernetes Engine at work, and my boss asked me to reduce the capacity
     13 of the monitoring node pool (we have it isolated) to reduce some cost,
     14 well in fact reduce the size of the nodes in the pool. I did, but that
     15 caused it to be evicted (OOMemory). Long story short, after a while the
     16 end result has been the TSDB corrupted beyond repair, so I got the node
     17 pool to it's former size and made all work again, but we lost the data.
     18 Is not the end of the world, but is useful to have those 15 days of
     19 monitoring data all the time to see trends and changes.
     21 At personal geek level today has been quiet. I just messed around a bit
     22 on IRC and I started to look at OpenBSD outdated ports to see if I can
     23 update some and contribute in some way to the project. So far I have a
     24 couple of candidates. I may start to work on them this weekend.
     26 Finding something I can contribute to it's always been hard in itself.
     27 I'm not a great developer or have the patience to help in translations
     28 or documentations. But I'm stubborn and keep looking !
     30 On the UPS stuff, a friend of mine can get me 2 raspberrys for free
     31 (model 2 I think), so that will be a perfect platform to test. I have
     32 also in mind building some sort of service with one of them now that I
     33 have tons of public IPv6 addresses to use. I'm still not sure what I'll
     34 put in there.
     36 so, that's it !
     38 p.s.: I was going to end with "That's it, another day !" but that
     39 reminded me of some lyrics, "... another day, another death ..." by The
     40 Mob (Let the tribe increase - 1983) and I found it a little gloomy to
     41 end this post. I totally recommend the band by the way.
     43 ------------------------------------------------------------------------