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20181115-1906_entry.txt (1679B)

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      2   15-Nov-2018, 19:06 (UTC)
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      5 And right after I finish installing my new UPS a thunderstorm begins !
      6 I call that perfect timing.
      8 I'll enjoy my Stout while it rains outside :-)
     10 So, obviously the cable messing and UPS installing is done.
     12 Now comes the fun part of dealing with the USB interface to the thing so
     13 equipment connected can shut down properly in case of battery going low.
     14 I did not have much success with the small one on FreeBSD, but I think I
     15 have a good idea to control both with raspberrys ...
     17 Also, I've been playing with weechat scripts. My idea is to have XMPP
     18 push notifications on private messages and hightlights. I have it
     19 working now, but in a nasty way. The script is written in Perl and, for
     20 some reason I think weechat messes a bit with @INC, so the XMPP call
     21 part does not work from inside weechat, but the same code on a saparate
     22 script from the command line works flawlessly ... I want to publish it,
     23 so I'll give it another try maybe next week, who knows.
     25 At work I made some progress with the openldap setup, but I have some
     26 issues with an ansible task getting stuck. I have to debug a bit. This
     27 goes slow because I don't really want to do it and because I'm
     28 constantly interrupted with production and devs support stuff ...
     30 I'm not complaining. I prefer 20 prod deployments to this shit hehehe.
     31 and It's a "nice to have" anyway, so no big deal.
     33 Ok, the bottle is almost empty now. Time to take a look at RSS and
     34 phlogroll.
     36 ------------------------------------------------------------------------