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20181113-1844_entry.txt (1922B)

      1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      2   13-Nov-2018, 18:44
      3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      5 So, first entry of this experiment !
      7 Yesterday I changed a disk on my NAS, which was giving bad signs as per
      8 smartctl data report. I've written something about it here[1]
     10 Also, I'm setting up a proper UPS installation for the machines I care
     11 the most. I've always thought about it ... but never actually did it.
     12 The other day a thunderstorm fried one of the NICs on my firewall, so I
     13 thought it was about time to do something. I already had a small chep
     14 UPS, I bought another one and now comes the "cable fight". I'll have to
     15 deal with cables for some hours to set all up nicely :-(
     17 One thing I already tried and struggled with is get data from the small
     18 UPS (via USB) to my NAS. At this time is not working at all, and it
     19 seems a permissions issue I cannot find. I may write somthing about it
     20 if I find the solution.
     22 At work, as usual, I'm updating and migrating old services to more
     23 "modern" solutions (aka other's people's computers). GCSQL (postgres) we
     24 use finally has the possibility of a private ip inside the GCP range, so
     25 I'm migrating all on the stg environment to this setup so we can get
     26 ride of cloudsql_proxy, at least internally.
     28 Also, I'm delaying the setup of an openldap server and the pam config
     29 for ssh authetication against it on some machines ... just because I
     30 find LDAP unnecessarily complicated and utterly boring ... but I'll have
     31 to do it sonner rather than later. I hope I can find a good Ansible
     32 playbook I can modify so I don't have to deal with the whole thing :-/
     34 And I think that's it for today !
     35 Not bad, not bad ...
     37 I'm going to dive into some cables now and then have a gigantic beer !
     39 [1] - gopher://e1e0.net:70/0/raidz_disk_change.txt
     40 ------------------------------------------------------------------------