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diff --git a/phlog/20190507-1931_entry.txt b/phlog/20190507-1931_entry.txt @@ -0,0 +1,35 @@ +------------------------------------------------------------------------ +2019-05-07 17:32:26 UTC +------------------------------------------------------------------------ + +After the _ups_ moment that Firefox had the other day, I decided to +write a bit about [staying away from the browser][1] and what tools I +usually use to achieve that most of the time. Most of the time means +while not at work thanks to my _dear friend_ slack ... + +The browser has become the bigger threat on our desktops, both for +privacy and security reasons. And there are alternatives for most of the +tasks we do on it. + +Is not that I hate the web, but it has been abused and perverted beyond +measure. These days a browser is almost a complete OS for a lot of +people, and that comes with a price. + +Also, executing code sent by whatever random site you're visiting never +seemed like a super good idea to me. + +One could argue that trust unknown code is what we do all day, and they +will be right. But the subtle difference is that you put your trust in +that software developers and your OS developers (a discrete set of, +usually quite smart, people) and not on whatever comes through the wire +(that even with the best of intentions could be compromised). + +In the end this seems a bit of a rant about JavaScript and the state of +the modern web. It was not supposed to be that, but what can one do. +Maybe I'm just getting old, :-P + +:wq + +------------------------------------------------------------------------ + +[1]: gopher://onna.be/0/browser-dependency.md.txt