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new article about tmus splitw

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diff --git a/src/gophermap b/src/gophermap @@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Sometimes I write things so I do not forget ... o--o-- Random (usually tech) stuff +0Split window on current working directory on tmux /tmux-splitw-on-current-folder.md.txt e1e0.net 70 0upsc (NUT) Prometheus exporter /upsc-prometheus-exporter.md.txt e1e0.net 70 0Notes on Vim register /vim-registers.md.txt e1e0.net 70 0Encrypt a USB flash drive on OpenBSD. /openbsd-encrypt-usb-flash-drive.md.txt e1e0.net 70 diff --git a/src/index.html b/src/index.html @@ -1,4 +1,5 @@ <ul> +<li><a href="/tmux-splitw-on-current-folder.html" title="2020-03-14">Split window on current working directory on tmux</a></li> <li><a href="/upsc-prometheus-exporter.html" title="2020-01-17">upsc (NUT) Prometheus exporter</a></li> <li><a href="/vim-registers.html" title="2019-12-06">Notes on Vim registers</a></li> <li><a href="/openbsd-encrypt-usb-flash-drive.html" title="2019-08-24">Encrypt a USB flash drive on OpenBSD.</a></li> diff --git a/src/tmux-splitw-on-current-folder.md b/src/tmux-splitw-on-current-folder.md @@ -0,0 +1,66 @@ +# Split window on current working directory on tmux +2020-03-14 + +In 99% of the occasions that I use `split-window` on `tmux(1)` I want the +working directory to be the same as the pane I was in. + +If you use Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX (and maybe others), this can be achieved +really easily with: + +``` +tmux split-window -c '#{pane_current_path}' +``` + +You can use `-v` or `-h` as you need and bind it to a key so the access is +easy. + +Problem is that `#{pane_current_path}` is not present on the tmux that ships in +base for OpenBSD (the OS I use for everything on a daily basis). +This seems to be a deliberate choice, so one has to work around it if one needs +this feature. + +While talking with the pros a bit about it, they came up with a solution for +this that covers all my needs. + +It involves calling an external program to get the working directory given the +PID. One can do this with `ps(1)`, but the output is limited to 40 characters, +which is less than ideal. That's why Stuart Henderson sent +[a small program that does the job][1]. + +Then we need a shell script that executes the `getcwd` program and composes the +tmux command to be executed. It can be as simple as: + +``` +#!/bin/sh + +[ -z "${TMUX}" -o $# -lt 1 ] && exit 0 + +panel_cwd=$(getcwd ${1}) +shift + +exec /usr/bin/tmux split-window -c "${panel_cwd}" "$@" +``` + +And finally a couple of bindings to complete the setup: + +``` +bind | run-shell -b "~/bin/my-tmux-splitw #{?pane_active,#{pane_pid},} -h" +bind - run-shell -b "~/bin/my-tmux-splitw #{?pane_active,#{pane_pid},} -v" +``` + +Those are based on an idea from Sebastien Marie. The bindings are a mnemonic +I use since a long time ago. Bar resembles vertical split and the dash +horizontal. + +The magic here comes from the format passed to the script (which is effectively +the PID of the active pane). + +This construction is like a ternary operator. If the variable (`pane_active` +in this case) exists and is not zero, the first alternative (after the first +comma) will be taken. If not, it will be the second one (empty in this case). +Check `tmux(1)`, in particular the `FORMATS` section for more info. + +_Have any comments ? Send an email to the [comments address][999]._ + +[1]: https://git.e1e0.net/utils/file/getcwd/getcwd.c.html +[999]: mailto:comments@e1e0.net?Subject=Split%20window%20on%20current%20working%20directory%20on%20tmux