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Author: Paco Esteban <paco@e1e0.net>
Date:   Sat,  1 May 2021 13:35:25 +0200

add suggestion from Chang, Chu-Kuan to the aliases article

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diff --git a/src/aliases-helper-functions-shell.md b/src/aliases-helper-functions-shell.md @@ -23,7 +23,20 @@ First some basic aliases (comments in line): ``` # create a tmux split 82 columns wide, used to take a peek at man pages alias tman='tmux split-window -h -l 82 man' +``` + +_Update 2021-05-01:_ Reader Chang, Chu-Kuan sends me a variation of this last +one that does not require you to have a _free_ terminal to invoke it. It's +basically the same but with a `tmux(1)` bind key. This should go in your +`.tmux.conf`: +``` +bind-key M command-prompt -I 'split-window -h -l 82 man ' +``` + +And now, more aliases: + +``` # I use kubernetes at work, so those save a lot of typing. # I also use some custom subcommands, via kubectl plugins. I might write about # that ...