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diff --git a/content/self-hosted-xmpp-server.md b/content/self-hosted-xmpp-server.md @@ -1,65 +0,0 @@ -title: Self hosted XMPP server (on OpenBSD) -author: paco -date: 2019-04-22 -css: style.css - -XXmenuXX - ---------- -# Self hosted XMPP server (on OpenBSD) -2019-04-22 - -_TODO: change pub date to match obsd release, and check for potential changes_ -Tested on OpenBSD 6.5 - -## Intro - -Build a self-hosted messaging service is quite simple. This guide shows how to -do it using OpenBSD as a base system and XMPP as the messaging protocol. - -The end result is an End-to-End encrypted chat system for 1:1 or multi-user -conversations. - -The software used for the server is [prosody][1], and it's all based on -[this guide][2]. - -For the clients, I've tried [Gajim][3] for the desktop (works for Windows, -Linux and *BSD), [Conversations][4] on the phone (Android) and [profanity][5] -on the terminal (works almost everywhere). - -## Rationale - -I used to host my messaging services back in the day. People stopped using this -for some reason, and then came all the Whatsapp and co. So all that was -forgoten. - -Although I never used whatsapp, on recent times I've been testing some instant -messaging systems, but none of them were good enough. In the end, all rely on -central systems, often owned by companies that have to make money from -somwhere. Most of the times is you (one way or another) even if they say the -service is free. - -XMPP is federated, just like email is. And with recent extensions like easy to -use End-to-End encryption and http file sharing it's a viable solution for -resilient and secure instant messaging system, that does not spy on you (no -more than encrypted email for instance). - -## Previous steps (DNS) - -## Server install - -## Server config - -## OMEMO - -## Client(s) config examples - ---- - -[1]: https://prosody.im -[2]: https://homebrewserver.club/configuring-a-modern-xmpp-server.html -[3]: https://gajim.org/ -[4]: https://conversations.im/ -[5]: http://www.profanity.im/ - -Last updated: XXlastXX