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diff --git a/src/gophermap b/src/gophermap @@ -35,11 +35,6 @@ o--o-- Random (usually tech) stuff 0Barcodes, Partkeepr and parts providers(TME) /partkeepr-barcodes-and-TME.md e1e0.net 70 0Password management in the terminal done right. /pass-terminal.md e1e0.net 70 - -o--o-- Ramblings - -1Phlog /phlog e1e0.net 70 - o--o-- More Info 0Code /code.md e1e0.net 70 diff --git a/src/phlog/20181113-1342_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20181113-1342_entry.txt @@ -1,10 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 13-Nov-2018, 13:42 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -This is an experiment ... -I'll try to phlog for a while. Mainly writting notes about what have I -done or what I plan to do in the short term. But kind of public so maybe -it helps somebody ... - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20181113-1844_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20181113-1844_entry.txt @@ -1,40 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 13-Nov-2018, 18:44 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -So, first entry of this experiment ! - -Yesterday I changed a disk on my NAS, which was giving bad signs as per -smartctl data report. I've written something about it here[1] - -Also, I'm setting up a proper UPS installation for the machines I care -the most. I've always thought about it ... but never actually did it. -The other day a thunderstorm fried one of the NICs on my firewall, so I -thought it was about time to do something. I already had a small chep -UPS, I bought another one and now comes the "cable fight". I'll have to -deal with cables for some hours to set all up nicely :-( - -One thing I already tried and struggled with is get data from the small -UPS (via USB) to my NAS. At this time is not working at all, and it -seems a permissions issue I cannot find. I may write somthing about it -if I find the solution. - -At work, as usual, I'm updating and migrating old services to more -"modern" solutions (aka other's people's computers). GCSQL (postgres) we -use finally has the possibility of a private ip inside the GCP range, so -I'm migrating all on the stg environment to this setup so we can get -ride of cloudsql_proxy, at least internally. - -Also, I'm delaying the setup of an openldap server and the pam config -for ssh authetication against it on some machines ... just because I -find LDAP unnecessarily complicated and utterly boring ... but I'll have -to do it sonner rather than later. I hope I can find a good Ansible -playbook I can modify so I don't have to deal with the whole thing :-/ - -And I think that's it for today ! -Not bad, not bad ... - -I'm going to dive into some cables now and then have a gigantic beer ! - -[1] - gopher://e1e0.net:70/0/raidz_disk_change.txt ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20181115-1906_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20181115-1906_entry.txt @@ -1,36 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 15-Nov-2018, 19:06 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -And right after I finish installing my new UPS a thunderstorm begins ! -I call that perfect timing. - -I'll enjoy my Stout while it rains outside :-) - -So, obviously the cable messing and UPS installing is done. - -Now comes the fun part of dealing with the USB interface to the thing so -equipment connected can shut down properly in case of battery going low. -I did not have much success with the small one on FreeBSD, but I think I -have a good idea to control both with raspberrys ... - -Also, I've been playing with weechat scripts. My idea is to have XMPP -push notifications on private messages and hightlights. I have it -working now, but in a nasty way. The script is written in Perl and, for -some reason I think weechat messes a bit with @INC, so the XMPP call -part does not work from inside weechat, but the same code on a saparate -script from the command line works flawlessly ... I want to publish it, -so I'll give it another try maybe next week, who knows. - -At work I made some progress with the openldap setup, but I have some -issues with an ansible task getting stuck. I have to debug a bit. This -goes slow because I don't really want to do it and because I'm -constantly interrupted with production and devs support stuff ... - -I'm not complaining. I prefer 20 prod deployments to this shit hehehe. -and It's a "nice to have" anyway, so no big deal. - -Ok, the bottle is almost empty now. Time to take a look at RSS and -phlogroll. - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20181116-2245_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20181116-2245_entry.txt @@ -1,43 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 16-Nov-2018, 22:45 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -So, there goes the (work) week. Today the log goes in reverse, first -work. -I finally set up the ldap server the way I wanted it, with SSH keys and -all. Configuring the clients I need is an easy task. It can be done on -monday before the second coffee ... - -Also I've been fighting with prometheus. We have it working on Google -Kubernetes Engine at work, and my boss asked me to reduce the capacity -of the monitoring node pool (we have it isolated) to reduce some cost, -well in fact reduce the size of the nodes in the pool. I did, but that -caused it to be evicted (OOMemory). Long story short, after a while the -end result has been the TSDB corrupted beyond repair, so I got the node -pool to it's former size and made all work again, but we lost the data. -Is not the end of the world, but is useful to have those 15 days of -monitoring data all the time to see trends and changes. - -At personal geek level today has been quiet. I just messed around a bit -on IRC and I started to look at OpenBSD outdated ports to see if I can -update some and contribute in some way to the project. So far I have a -couple of candidates. I may start to work on them this weekend. - -Finding something I can contribute to it's always been hard in itself. -I'm not a great developer or have the patience to help in translations -or documentations. But I'm stubborn and keep looking ! - -On the UPS stuff, a friend of mine can get me 2 raspberrys for free -(model 2 I think), so that will be a perfect platform to test. I have -also in mind building some sort of service with one of them now that I -have tons of public IPv6 addresses to use. I'm still not sure what I'll -put in there. - -so, that's it ! - -p.s.: I was going to end with "That's it, another day !" but that -reminded me of some lyrics, "... another day, another death ..." by The -Mob (Let the tribe increase - 1983) and I found it a little gloomy to -end this post. I totally recommend the band by the way. - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20181117-1934_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20181117-1934_entry.txt @@ -1,25 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 17-Nov-2018, 19:34 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -Rainy day, but kind of productive in a way. -I was just messing around on IRC after watching my Mr.Robot episode -(yes, I haven't seen it until now, I'm not at season 2) when I thought, -well I published a small perl module to wrap around Rargb torrentapi -some time ago ... I could make an OpenBSD port of that ! - -So, I take a look and some things had to be fixed first, which means -releasing a new version of the module. I thought, well let's do it and -then I'll create the port. It turns out I needed some modules not -available as ports/packages, so I ended up making 2 ports for 2 -different perl modules. Maybe that would be useful to somebody. I just -submitted them to ports@ let's see what people over there think. - -Once that is done (and cpan mirror servers get the copy of my new -version) I'll be able to continue with my original idea. - -Tomorrow I'll try to work on the raspberry/UPS stuff maybe. And -definitely do some exercise ... I've been not working out lately and I'm -starting to feel it :-/ - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20181118-2212_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20181118-2212_entry.txt @@ -1,51 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 18-Nov-2018, 22:12 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -I've finally set up one raspberry to check on one of the UPSs. -Docs are not the best for nut[1] and all the articles on the internet -are either old or wrong. I've taken some notes and will probably write -something about it this week. - -I've managed to set up my wife's synology to take data from the pi, so -it will shut down properly in the event of a power outage. - -The idea is to do the same on the other UPS and connect the router and -the NAS to it. Almost done ! - -On another note, I think I may have found some dependency issue on -devel/git port for OpenBSD. I've sent the silliest of diffs to ports@ -I'm not sure it's a problem really, so they may not answer my emails -anymore (and I can't blame them hehehe), between that and the facepalm -moment some weeks ago when I sent the package instead of the port for -the new addition I was trying to make on solderpunk's VF-1[2] ... - -On my Mr. Robot episode today, what a surprise, Alf ! it made me smile, -really ! I like this show, it's entertaining and keeps the right amount -of tension, black humor, references ... - -What did not make me laugh, in fact made me quite angry was Apple and -their friking "big brother" way of things. You buy them stuff and you -don't own it, same goes for Google/Android on my phone. I'm seriously -thinking in not buying any other smartphone when this one crashes. And -in this regard Apple is to me what windows was in the 90s, I'm givnig -support (to my wife in this case) as I did to friends and family back -then ... for a thign you've paid and all the problems come from the -walled garden, the lack of freedom and the obscure closed environment -... I'm sick of these companies. - -Not talking about privacy (there's none, and you should treat those -devices as compromised at all times), I'm talking about how they laugh -at your fucking face, owning your device and treating you like a 3 year -old ... - -grrrr, did not want this to be a rant, but is kind of one ... Anyway. - -It's getting late, and it's rainig again. Going to sleep with the sound -of rain does not sound like a bad plan :-) - ------ -[1] https://networkupstools.org -[2] https://github.com/solderpunk/VF-1 - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20181123-1914_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20181123-1914_entry.txt @@ -1,55 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 23-Nov-2018, 19:14 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -Busy days, busy days ... - -Lots of stuff at work, basically related to kubernetes and fighting -ingress configuration. I think is the weakest point on this container -orquestration software. - -On the personal side, I think I don't advance so much in my touch -typing, althoug it helps quite a bit with the finger pain and I'm maybe -a little bit more confortable with it. For sure it's worth to continue -with the "experiment". - -On the geek side (the good side !!), I did something I had in my todo -list for long time. I have a smal laser engraver (2500mW), the kind one -can easily find on ebay or china. The quality of the thing is not the -best in some areas, for instance, the system is based on some acrylic -plates with ball bearings that "ride" on aluminum extrusions. The -problem is that they just put metal against metal and also the -tolerances are a little bit loose. Months ago I bought a set of ball -bearings with a plastic wheel around them in order to replace them. They -are slightly bigger in diameter and my idea was tighten the tolerances -and remove the annoying metal to metal contact. - -I succeeded in that, but the rails are now a little bit too tight. So -tight in fact that the Y axis (wich drives 2 carriages with one stepper -motor) was unable to move the gantry. So CAD/3D printing to the resque. -I cloned the acrylic plates with just a bit more distance between the -screws that support the bearings, so now it goes smoothly, more quiet -and with virtually no play ! - -From that I get a couple more ideas about things I wanted to do ... so -the small Cetus3D is pretty busy these days ! - -I may put a couple of photos and write something about the process I -follow for this. I'm not an expert on mechanical design (not by a long -shot), but it fascinates me. - -Of course I try to use free software as much as possible. I think the -only piece that's not free is the slicer, as Tiertime (the company that -produces the Cetus3D) is kind of special and don't use Gcode as the -rest. - -That's good when you're starting, as the thing just works. You send it a -model and you get a part with a pretty good quality. But when you want -to do more advanced or peculiar stuff, it falls short. One of my todo -list projects involves modifying the printer to work with regular -firmware (like marlin for instance) and be able to use gcode and play -with the traditional slicers. - -Now I'll have a big beer and read some rss feeds. Geek weekend ahead ! - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20190107-1400_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190107-1400_entry.txt @@ -1,31 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 07-Jan-2019, 18:20 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -New keyboard !! - -Today, the Ergodox EZ I ordered one week ago arrived. -I'm writing this on it. First sensation is like I've never used a -keyboard before ... The new form factor combined with the ortholinear -layout makes me feel slow on my typing. - -It gets better as I write though, I think that the adaptation curve -won't be that steep. - -It really feels comfortable, but I guess I'll be playing a bit with the -positioning. For now, I've slightly changed the layout. Here it is for -reference[1] (media is just my custom cwm[1] bindings). - -Of course this will evolve a lot ! I guess I'll get bored of this in the -end, but for now, trying to optimize my layout is even addictive ! - -One of the great features of the keyboard is the tap/hold thing. Being -able to assign two different actions or keys. - -Well, I think is enough for today ... I've created like 5 versions of -the layout already while I was writing this ... - ----- -[1] https://configure.ergodox-ez.com/layouts/GyPj - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20190115-1519_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190115-1519_entry.txt @@ -1,38 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 15-Jan-2019, 15:19 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -So it's been a week with the new keyboard. -I've started to feel more and more comfortable with it and the error -rate is dropping steadily. - -The amount of tweaking and layout version has also dropped, in face it's -been 3 days without any change. My layout at the moment is this[1]. - -On another note, I've been installing a tinyfab cpu[2] on my Cetus 3D -printer. Just finished the whole thing yesterday afternoon, and now I'm -testing first prints. - -Results are quite good ! I think there's still a bit of room for -improvement, but it prints close (or maybe just exactly the same) -quality as with the stock cpu+uptime slicer. - -The big big difference is that now I'm using free software for the -controller[3] and I can use any slicer I want, and the machine speaks -gcode, as 99% of the cnc machines of the world. Also I have a lot more -control over the whole process, well all the control that the slicer I -choose provides. For now I've only tried Slic3r. I may try Cura in the -future. - -I'm collecting notes to write a more in depth article about the whole -process, as I found the instructions at tinyfab website are ... not so -good so to speak. - -It's all for today, I guess. - ----- -[1] - https://configure.ergodox-ez.com/layouts/XOXM/latest/0 -[2] - https://www.tinyfab.xyz/ -[3] - https://smoothieware.org/ - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20190214-0808_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190214-0808_entry.txt @@ -1,46 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 14-Feb-2019, 08:08 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -So, long time without writing here. That was expected, I've never been a -blogger, phlogger or whatever of any kind. - -I just want to keep here for the record that I'm now working on a MIDI -controller. It is based on a Teensy LC[1]. Usually I use Atmel micros, -but this one can be used as any kind of USB device, from the typical -serial interface to a ray HID, MIDI, and a lot more. Also this is a -32bit micro running at 48Mhz so there's a lot that can be done with it. -It is not cheap though (at least compared to the Atmel 8bit family). - -All this comes because I discovered VCV Rack[2]. This is an open source -software modular synthesizer. It is simply fantastic. There's lots of -modules and is really easy to get started. - -It's been some time since I wanted to get into synthesis, modular -synthesis in particular, as I think is really fun to play with and the -possibilities to build DIY modules and other stuff is great, and that -combines perfectly with my electronics hobby. - -I would like to get into RF too some day ... but I live in the worst -place for radio reception ever, so that will have to wait. I'll be -playing with sound signals for a while ;-) - -For now, I have some button matrix working and an array of -potentiometers. I plan to build a hardware sequencer and some multi -function controllers on the MIDI board that I can use in conjunction -with VCV Rack. - -If that works as I want, I'm already thinking in a lot of features to -add to it ... and also, start building my own modules and combine them -with the software stuff ... Possibilities are endless. - -That's all for now. My idea is write something when I have something that -can be shown. - -Over and out. - ------ -[1] https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/teensyLC.html -[2] https://vcvrack.com/ - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20190330-2151_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190330-2151_entry.txt @@ -1,42 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 30-Mar-2019, 21:51 (CET) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -So, [tomasino][1] added me to his phlogroll at gopher.black. And knowing -that he has some audience on port 70, it automatically made me want to -write something. Too much pressure tomasino !! :-P - -I guess I'll write about what I've been doing, and what comes next. - -I completed the basic version of the MIDI controller, and wrote about it -[here][2]. I did not have much time to play with it (not that it -matters, my "music" is nothing really worth listening anyway hehe). The -photos I like to publish about the 3d printed case and the construction -are still not there ... Laziness always wins. - -I also had the idea of writing some docs about GnuPG for beginners, -something to encourage the not-so-technical users on the different -tildes to use mail encryption. - -So far I only have a rough idea of what I want to do. I'll be asking on -the mailing lists and other places about what do folks use to handle -their email. I've been a happy mutt user for so long that I don't really -know what other people use. - -All this is because I think that, to be somehow effective, those docs -should include up to date examples of mail agent configuration, so -people with no special knowledge can configure and use it. - -And well, at work I've been really busy migrating kubernetes clusters -and introducing [linkerd][3] to the mix. Nothing really exciting or fun, -but way better than what 99.9% of the population of the world have to do -for a living, so I can't complain. Not a tiny bit. - -And that's all for now. - ----- -[1]: gopher://gopher.black -[2]: gopher://e1e0.net/0/teensy-midi-controller.md.txt -[3]: https://linkerd.io - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20190402-0824_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190402-0824_entry.txt @@ -1,28 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 02-Apr-2019, 08:24 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -Answering [tomasino's questions][1] in my own way and being unable to -stick to just one answer per category ... - -1. Film to watch at least once: - Two french movies (just a coincidence, they came to mind) on the end - of the spectrum from each other. - La Haine (1995) - Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001) - -2. Book to read at least twice: - '1984' from George Orwell. It will change your life. - 'Animal Farm' from the same author could come next ;-) - Another good one is 'Born on a Blue Day' from Daniel Tammet if you - like to know how a non conventional mind works. - -3. Song to listen to at least once a year: - I am the light (The White Buffalo) - Ship to wreck (Florence + The Machine) - But here the recommendations would never end, from Laurel Aitken to - Banda Bassoti, from Sorkun to Santana ... Music is life ! - -[1]: gopher://gopher.black:70/1/phlog/20190330-fun-questions - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20190414-1728_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190414-1728_entry.txt @@ -1,52 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 14-Apr-2019, 17:28 (UTC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -This is a small rant about the different implementations of the most -common shell tools I use everyday at work and on my free time. So sorry -if you're reading this. You may be better spending your time somewhere -else... - -My main workstation is OpenBSD. I used some linux flavours in the past -(mostly debian and arch), but I have to admit I'm a *BSD fanboy. - -I have a laptop I barely use given to me by my current employer, a -MacBook Air. I only use it occasionally at home, and of course when I -have to travel for work. It serves me well, as it's small and light, -although I would prefer to stay away from MacOSX ... - -And then there are all servers and containers at work. They are almost -100% Debian. - -I got used to differences on the BSD vs GNU implementations of some -tools, and I've been trying to stick to POSIX when writing scripts for -my own sanity. - -Long time ago I stopped fightint the `date` command for instance and -their plethora of ways of specifying the timezone (POSIX says `-u` for -UTC and define `TZ` for the rest). - -That's only an example, then there are more complicated tools like -`sed`. You can be in a lot of pain if you rely on any of the -implementations and try to run your script on 2 different OSs. `POSIX -sed` is quite basic, and lacks some features you may expect to be there. - -One of those features is in-place editing. And you may think, "hey, -almost all implementations know about in-place editing, use `-i` man !". -Well, as usual, devil is in the detail. Although that is (almost) true, -the way it's implemented differs in ways that may give you one or two -headaches. `GNU sed` uses simply `-i` with an optional extension for -backup, OpenBSD does the same, but if you do not want to create a -backup, you have to provide an empty string and it has to be in the form -`-i''` (note, not space), the MacOS implementation (taken from FreeBSD) -does mostly the same as the OpenBSD one BUT you need a space between the -`i` and the empty string ... you get the idea ... - -So, stick to [POSIX][1], even if you think you'll never use that script -on any other machine/OS. - -You're welcome. - -[1]: http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/contents.html - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20190424-1955_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190424-1955_entry.txt @@ -1,38 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -2019-04-24 17:55:11 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -Some geek things going on !! - -First, a big thanks to all OpenBSD developers and other people involved -on the new 6.5 release. - -It was a breeze to update as usual ! -Take a look at the [what's new][1] and the [changelog][2] for more -information. -By the way, the artwork this time is amazing ... - -Also, I have been modifying my "content management system". -It used to be a couple of makefiles and a bunch of text files (later -markdown), but I was never happy with it. - -A bit inspired by [ssg][3] by Roman Zolotarev, I ended up doing -something with a shell script and [lowdown][4] to convert markdown to -html for the web, and just use the markdown directly for gopher. - -It turned out to be a bit more challenging than I expected, but I think -it's somewhat nice and is more than enough for me. - -My plan is to pair this with a git hook, so when I commit to a certain -branch all the magic happens and things go into place. - -I'll publish it when is a little bit more tested. - -That's all for now ! - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -[1]: https://www.openbsd.org/65.html -[2]: https://www.openbsd.org/plus65.html -[3]: https://www.romanzolotarev.com/bin/ssg5 -[4]: https://kristaps.bsd.lv/lowdown/ diff --git a/src/phlog/20190507-1931_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190507-1931_entry.txt @@ -1,35 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -2019-05-07 17:32:26 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -After the _ups_ moment that Firefox had the other day, I decided to -write a bit about [staying away from the browser][1] and what tools I -usually use to achieve that most of the time. Most of the time means -while not at work thanks to my _dear friend_ slack ... - -The browser has become the bigger threat on our desktops, both for -privacy and security reasons. And there are alternatives for most of the -tasks we do on it. - -Is not that I hate the web, but it has been abused and perverted beyond -measure. These days a browser is almost a complete OS for a lot of -people, and that comes with a price. - -Also, executing code sent by whatever random site you're visiting never -seemed like a super good idea to me. - -One could argue that trust unknown code is what we do all day, and they -will be right. But the subtle difference is that you put your trust in -that software developers and your OS developers (a discrete set of, -usually quite smart, people) and not on whatever comes through the wire -(that even with the best of intentions could be compromised). - -In the end this seems a bit of a rant about JavaScript and the state of -the modern web. It was not supposed to be that, but what can one do. -Maybe I'm just getting old, :-P - -:wq - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -[1]: gopher://e1e0.net/0/browser-dependency.md.txt diff --git a/src/phlog/20190706-1212_entry.txt b/src/phlog/20190706-1212_entry.txt @@ -1,125 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 2019-07-06 10:12:49 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -On moments of clarity and the impostor syndrome ... - -I've been programming lately just for fun, I write a lot of scripts and -little programs daily for my job, but I don't consider myself a -programmer/developer. What I do is usually simple, glue scripts to -automate tasks. - -Usually I do shell scripts, that solves 80% of my problems. I'm -comfortable on the command line and the i/o and redirection of the shell -looks really natural to me. I've also written some little cli tools -in Go for work, when having a binary with no dependencies was a good -feature. - -I wrote some stuff on Perl in the past, I even maintain a couple of -silly modules (one of them is even used by other people ...). And I like -Python more than I care to admit (it's really fast for building a -complicated script to solve a problem). - -Anyway, I thought I could learn some more stuff just by implementing -some silly stuff in different languages and see how is "the journey" on -each of them. - -For starters I chose to implement a really simple REST API that, given a -string via POST returns a hash of it (md5, or some sha variant). I -choose to implement that on C (cgi), Python and Perl. - -I obviously discarded shell script for this, and ditched Go. Truth is -that I like the idea behind the language, but the syntax bothers me. -Also, I struggle to understand correctly its interfaces and the use of -go routines and channels. As I said earlier, I'm not a developer. - -And that's where C comes in. I never written anything in C, but some -time ago I read about [BCHS][1] and, as a full time BSD user, I loved -the idea. Not for big projects, but for my own stuff running on chrooted -httpd (OpenBSD one) could be fine. So I started with this for my silly -learning project. - -I used [kcgi][2] to make my life a little easier, and I'm surprised how -much I enjoyed it ! - -I'll put the code somewhere when I complete the implementation with the -other 2 languages. - -All this long and boring introduction is just to describe not only the -good time I had coding this, but the 3 or 4 "aha !" moments I had while -reading manual pages on section 3 ... I went to duckduckgo just a couple -of times. All was already on my computer, all on the command line. And I -could understand almost all of it !!! - -I have these kind of moments from time to time. I could not find a -pattern for it. I've worked as a system administrator for more than 14 -years now, and I remember times of being ... stuck (lacking a better -word), where understanding new concepts was/is a huge task. And some -times of clarity where I'm just like a teenager with a fresh mind. I -read stuff that I understand easily, maybe things I struggled to -understand for years now seem easy to the point of thinking of my past -self as an idiot ... Not sure if other people feel this from time to -time. It's a fantastic feeling but on the other hand a bit sad when you -get "back to normal". - -What I wish I could do is remember things as I used to do ... Truth -is that with age I don't now remember stuff that well, not specifics -anyway. What I do remember now is more like "oh, I knew this at some -point, I think I have to read this or this book or that or that man -page" and then it all comes back more or less easily depending on the -complexity of the topic. - - -And the other topic I wanted to write about (and is kind of related to -the previous one) is impostor syndrome. - -I'm looking for a new job at the moment. I've been working on the same -company for more than 6 years. I would stay here as long as they have -me, but truth is, that after the company was sold to a bigger one things -started to change, and I do not like the direction they are taking. So, -no rush, but I want to get another job before I regret being here. - -That triggered a lot of feelings that I did not feel for a very long -time (well, long time for the IT industry). I did not apply for a job on -the last 6 years, I did not have an interview, and I did not have to -"sell myself and my skills" - -I know I'm good at what I do, I know this because companies just want -money, if you cost more than your "value" for the company you don't last -long there. Is just logic. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. If they -keep you there is because you make a profit for them one way or another. - -But that's not how it feels. It always seem that everybody else is -smarter, are more prepared, are younger and willing to work for less -money ... - -I guess part of that is that I "follow" (on the fediverse or RSS or -whatever) people I admire, and they are really smart and prepared folks -that do great things for OSS. - -All that makes me feel like cheating. For instance when I had to update -my résumé the other day. My mind went constantly in this train of -thought: _I've been using and maintaining a cluster of technology X for -the last Y years, but ... really ... I don't know this thech that well. -The folks at Z project, they know what they are doing. I'm just a monkey -with a keyboard_. - -This drains you, It took me more than a week to update my résumé and I -still think is a piece of shit. It also took me a couple of days to have -the courage to send it to a company I think I could fit in (spoiler, -they do not think the same hahahaha, but other 2 do, so is not all lost) - -Anyway, this is the bigger entry I've ever written, and by far the most -personal. It was not planned, I was reading an introduction to linkers -and suddenly I had the urge of writing this ... Human mind is weird. - -If anybody reads this (which I truly doubt), have a really nice day. And -remember that you do have value, even if your mind tries to tell you -don't. - -:wq - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -[1]: https://learnbchs.org/ -[2]: https://kristaps.bsd.lv/kcgi/ diff --git a/src/phlog/20190818-1736.txt b/src/phlog/20190818-1736.txt @@ -1,67 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 2019-08-18 17:37:25 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -On my summer vacation I went camping with my wife. We discovered a -beautiful valley we did not know on the Pyrenees mountains, and we -agreed to come back in the winter, to see it transformed. Spending 12 -days there, in a tent in the middle of the woods is been refreshing and -it charged me up. - -Those last few days, back at home, I've been geeking around. Working on -a couple of OpenBSD port updates that I hope to see commited and playing -a bit with the DMARC[1] setup for my main domain 'e1e0.net'. - -That last made me realize what a mess the whole email ecosystem is right -now ... And I say this with deep sadness. I love email. I always have. -There's something beautiful in it's simple design and it's inherent -freedom (decentralization is called these days). But the current -state of it, with the lost battle against spam, and all the partially -adopted protocols on top of it makes it fragile and far from attractive -to self-host. I do not self-host my email since some years ago, as -it's too much of a hassle having to watch your ip reputation, deal -with stupid black lists where is super difficult to get removed from -and other headaches. It seems curious to me that the easiest part is -building and configuring the services themselves ... - -I prefer to pay for that service (it's cheap anyway) and be a bit -happier. - -And then, there's the mailing lists. Don't get me started with that. -Some do the right thing, some at least try and some are terrible. - -By the way, recently ben@~team changed the behaviour of the tildeverse -lists and now the forwarded messages pass dkim if you have it -configured, so kudos to him ;-) - -Wow, now that I re-read this ... I'm just wandering ! hehehe. But -anyway, this is nothing formal, just a phlog, so it's ok. - -Anyway, as I was saying ... those last few days I've been geeking here -and there. From time to time I took a walk or watched a tv show or a -movie to rest a bit (specially my back and my aging eyes). - -I have to admit I've watched 2 of the worst movies I've ever seen. One -of them, the last Avengers shit (sorry, you cannot call that a movie). -I have watched almost all super-hero movies over the years because, -hey! I like science fiction and fantasy. But the quality (cannot find -a better word) of them has been decreasing to the level of insult to the -viewer. And after that, there's the new Godzilla film ... What a piece -of smelly poo. I hear you "how the hell do you watch that !!", it has -an explanation. First, think that the whole point was taking a break -from active geekery. Second, from time to time I just watch movies from -actors and actresses I like. That gives you nice surprises sometimes, -but with this last one it made me reconsider that strategy. In fact it -made me think in taking my eyes off and block my ears ... - -I'm already trying to forget I watched it and I won't put it in the list -of movies of 11. To me it does not exist, it will be the best. - -And well, I think that's it for today. Tomorrow work starts again and -geek stuff will drop a bit (but just a bit hehehe). - -:wq - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -[1]: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7489 diff --git a/src/phlog/20190823-1623.txt b/src/phlog/20190823-1623.txt @@ -1,76 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 2019-08-23 16:24:08 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -I've been playing with [VCSs][1] lately. - -Is not that [Git][2] does not do all I need ... Is that sometimes is a -bit obscure, the ui is exasperating, and the documentation is terrible. -Luckily, there's a lot of info scattered on the webs, but I get tired of -looking for common stuff there every time I want to do something a bit -out of the ordinary workflow (or in a book or something). - -Man pages exists, but the people that do git seem to not remember that -sometimes ... - -I tried [fossil][3] and [mercurial][4]. I also work from time to time -with [CVS][5], as this is what the OpenBSD team uses, and I've sent some -patches for ports. - -Although I have a couple of personal CVS repos, is not my first option -for version control, just because it makes pretty difficult to rearrange -folders and things like that. Also, the commands and options are not -that simple. If it wasn't for those two, it would be more than enough -for me. - -About fossil, I have to say it impressed me. It's "just" a [sqlite][6] -database and one binary. And this contains the VCS, a wiki, tech notes -and a forum ! - -Its all well integrated of course. That's the VCS that the sqlite -project uses (they created it). For a small to medium project with the -needs of a "simple GitHub" interface all in one package, I do not think -there's any other software that can beat it really. - -For my needs, well, I only really need the VCS so ... maybe on another -occasion. - -And then there's mercurial. This is another one that impressed me. It -has a super clean UI, it's fast and easy to work with if you know any -other VCS (and I think is perfect for people that has never used one). - -It has a built in http read only interface and, for the rest is pretty -similar to git from the user point of view. As drawbacks, maybe the -network performance is not that great (but usually that is not a -problem for me, as I do most of my work locally and then push or pull -occasionally to sync with my central repo), and also Python 2.7 ... -yeah, that. They are working on porting it to Python3, but well, it -seems it will take a while. - -So I decided to give it a try on 2 repos I use regularly. The one that -keeps track of this phlog (+ gopherhole + website), and another one with -private dotfiles and scripts that I keep separated from my [public -dotfiles repo][7]. - -Another good candidate is my [vimwiki][8] repo. We'll see. - -I may make public the one that tracks this using it's built in http -interface if I ever figure it how to make it run on a chroot (my server -runs OpenBSD and I would like to follow their policy of chrooting -anything web). - -As usual, if anyone reads this and has any comments, send them to -<comments@e1e0.net> - -:wq - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Version_control -[2]: https://git-scm.com/ -[3]: https://fossil-scm.org/ -[4]: https://www.mercurial-scm.org/ -[5]: http://www.nongnu.org/cvs/ -[6]: https://sqlite.org/ -[7]: https://git.e1e0.net/dotfiles/ -[8]: http://vimwiki.github.io/ diff --git a/src/phlog/20191213-1407.txt b/src/phlog/20191213-1407.txt @@ -1,36 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 2019-12-13 14:07:57 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -Domain migration. - -I've had onna.be registered for more than 14 years and been using it as -my main domain since then. The history behind the name and the -extension (I have literally nothing to do with Belgium) is funny but -kind of private, so you'll never know :-P - -Thing is that in the last years I thought about a new domain more than -once, but I'm really really bad at naming so I never came up with -anything I truly like. - -And then, last year I thought maybe I could hash some strings that mean -something to me ... and if I like the result ... And here it is: -e1e0.net - -After using it just as a domain for my machines and little else, -I decided is time to give the old onna.be some rest and make e1e0.net my -main domain for web, gopher, email and all. - -I'll keep onna.be of course, but all things facing the internets will -start pointing to e1e0.net now. - -I also updated my gpg key with the new uid and propagated the changes to -the key servers. - -The change will probably cause no problems, as nobody reads this nor the -website and the email change is well handled. But I thought to put it -somewhere. - -:wq - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20200218-1805.txt b/src/phlog/20200218-1805.txt @@ -1,20 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 2020-02-18 17:38:49 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -Recently I've been invited to join the OpenBSD project as a developer. -It seems that my small contributions to the ports tree were well -received. - -So you can reach me at paco@openbsd.org too ! - -I'm both excited and scared (don't want to screw things up !). -The impostor syndrome is over the charts at this time, but I'm going to -take it easy and enjoy this ride :-) - -I look forward to attend my first hackathon and meet face to face some -members of the project ! - -:wq - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- diff --git a/src/phlog/20200702-1832.txt b/src/phlog/20200702-1832.txt @@ -1,45 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -2020-07-02 16:33:03 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -So I've written an static site generator. - -Yes, yes I know. That's what everybody does, it's boring and not -original at all. But I'm boring and not original at all, so it's ok ! - -I did it in C. Why ?!, you ask with a mix of fear and disgust. Well, -two main reasons. First, I kind of always liked C (although I have -little knowledge of programming in general and C in particular). And -second, since I joined the OpenBSD team I've been wanting to dive a bit -deeper in the source code of the system (not just ports) and maybe one -day help in that area too. That and also I'm a bit masochist xD - -Previously my small website was generated by the excellent [ssg -script][1] by Roman Zolotarev combined with a simple makefile. And that -was all I needed. The makefile also published things on my gopherhole. - -So I basically designed the static site generator to have the same -functionalities (well, not the gopherhole, that is just handled with an -rsync). - -Now a git hook calls the generator program (and the rsync for gopher), -and all is good again. - -If you want to take a peek, I published it [here][2]. The horrors -you'll see there may make you cry. I decline all responsibility xD - -Keep in mind that this is my first program in C (well, the first one -longer than 50 lines and with more than one function), also keep in mind -that I'm no developer. I'm used to create ugly glue stuff in various -languages to serve my purposes, but this is my first command line tool -that does something useful (kind of). - -As usual, patches are welcome at <patches@e1e0.net> and comments at -<commens@e1e0.net> - -:wq - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -[1]: https://www.romanzolotarev.com/ssg.html -[2]: https://git.e1e0.net/ssnail/file/README.html diff --git a/src/phlog/20200710-1150.txt b/src/phlog/20200710-1150.txt @@ -1,24 +0,0 @@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Fri, 10 Jul 2020 09:51:06 +0000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -Today [one of my articles][1] was mentioned on [BSDNow][2]. At first it -was a surprise for me, but then I thought that BSD world is really -a small world. - -That same article was mentioned on [discoverbsd][3] some weeks ago. The -funny thing about it is that it's a quick shit I put together without -much thinking in case there's anybody out there that manages Kubernetes -clusters from an OpenBSD command line (that's probably just me in the -entire world xD). - -Anyway, it was nice to hear my stuff on a podcast, specially this one -that is so well established in the BSD community :-) - -:wq - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -[1]: gopher://e1e0.net:70/0/manage-k8s-from-openbsd.md -[2]: https://www.bsdnow.tv/358 -[3]: https://discoverbsd.com/ diff --git a/src/phlog/gophermap b/src/phlog/gophermap @@ -1,35 +0,0 @@ -o--o-- ----------------------------------------------------- log -- o -- - -0(2020-07-10) One of my writings appear on BSDNow /phlog/20200710-1150.txt e1e0.net 70 -0(2020-07-02) Static site generator. /phlog/20200702-1832.txt e1e0.net 70 -0(2020-02-18) Invited to the club. /phlog/20200218-1805.txt e1e0.net 70 -0(2019-12-13) On domain migrations. /phlog/20191213-1407.txt e1e0.net 70 -0(2019-08-23) On VCSs. /phlog/20190823-1623.txt e1e0.net 70 -0(2019-08-18) On vacations, emails and bad movies /phlog/20190818-1736.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190706 /phlog/20190706-1212_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190507 /phlog/20190507-1931_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190424 /phlog/20190424-1955_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190414 /phlog/20190414-1728_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190402 /phlog/20190402-0824_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190330 /phlog/20190330-2151_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190214 /phlog/20190214-0808_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190115 /phlog/20190115-1519_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020190107 /phlog/20190107-1400_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020181123 /phlog/20181123-1914_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020181118 /phlog/20181118-2212_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020181117 /phlog/20181117-1934_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020181116 /phlog/20181116-2245_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020181115 /phlog/20181115-1906_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020181113 /phlog/20181113-1844_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 -020181113 /phlog/20181113-1342_entry.txt e1e0.net 70 - -o- o -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- o -- - -Have any comments ? -Send an email here: <comments@e1e0.net> -or look in the 'Contact' section -0Contact /contact.txt e1e0.net 70 - -o- o -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- o -- -Last updated: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 10:01:11 +0000 -o- o -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- o --