Perl Module to interact with https://torrentapi.org
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2019-11-21 19:38v0.2.0Paco Esteban3+6-2
2019-11-21 19:36fix: title can be null too.Paco Esteban2+29-5
2019-11-15 17:17v0.1.10Paco Esteban3+8-3
2019-11-15 17:11Merge branch 'hoffy97-master'Paco Esteban1+1-1
2019-07-10 08:42v0.1.9Paco Esteban4+36-33
2019-07-10 08:33adding Baptiste C to authors.Paco Esteban2+6-3
2019-07-09 15:04Revert formattingbaptistecdr1+25-24
2019-07-09 14:31Moved ids on the same linebaptistecdr1+23-46
2019-07-09 06:37Respected API limit (1req/2s), added category idbaptistecdr2+129-25
2018-11-17 18:47v0.1.8Paco Esteban2+12-4
2018-11-17 18:47freaking milla insists in README.md ...Paco Esteban2+113-0
2018-11-17 18:30Several changes listed below:Paco Esteban1+10-10
2018-06-12 11:31doing it right this time ...Paco Esteban1+1-1
2018-06-12 11:30upstream change noticePaco Esteban2+125-113
2018-03-22 12:32v0.1.7Paco Esteban3+4-2
2018-03-22 12:31torrentapi time limit makes the module crash. I have added a silly _sleep_ ... Also we now check beter the tokenPaco Esteban2+6-1
2018-03-21 15:16v0.1.6Paco Esteban3+6-4
2018-03-21 15:16fixing app_id bug in the modulePaco Esteban2+9-1
2017-09-10 16:16v0.1.5Paco Esteban5+16-10
2017-09-10 16:11uipdating Changes file for milla releasePaco Esteban1+1-0
2017-09-10 16:08Merge branch 'baptistecdr-patch-1' PR #1 : Fix ranked attribute by baptistecdrPaco Esteban1+1-0
2017-09-10 16:06adding a better .gitignorePaco Esteban1+7-0
2015-09-30 14:59v0.1.4Paco Esteban3+6-4
2015-09-30 14:59Trying to fix internet tests for good;Paco Esteban4+48-6
2015-09-27 10:26v0.1.3Paco Esteban3+4-2
2015-09-27 10:26fixing tests, CPANTesters sometimes don't have internet connectionPaco Esteban1+2-1
2015-09-27 10:24fixing tests, CPANTesters sometimes don't have internet connectionPaco Esteban1+2-1
2015-09-27 10:23fixing tests, CPANTesters sometimes don't have internet connectionPaco Esteban2+2-0
2015-09-11 16:02v0.1.2Paco Esteban2+4-1
2015-09-11 16:02Fixing dependenciesPaco Esteban3+3-2
2015-09-08 16:17v0.1.1Paco Esteban2+3-1
2015-09-08 16:16preparing for release v0.1.1Paco Esteban4+4-4
2015-09-08 12:500.01Paco Esteban1+2-0
2015-09-08 12:37we need Test::PodPaco Esteban2+3-1
2015-09-08 12:31trying to fox docsPaco Esteban2+2-2
2015-09-08 12:30trying to fox docsPaco Esteban2+6-8
2015-09-08 12:30trying to fox docsPaco Esteban1+5-7
2015-09-08 11:39packing stuff and autogenerated readmePaco Esteban2+107-3
2015-09-08 11:15first working versionPaco Esteban7+403-11
2015-09-07 11:47basic passing testsPaco Esteban1+1-1
2015-09-07 11:46basic failing testsPaco Esteban3+42-6
2015-09-06 18:42Initial commitPaco Esteban9+523-0